21st Century Education for Every Child

Executive Summary

STEMWORKS Robotics, a division of Compass Education has developed an exciting new STEM curriculum, focused on Robotics that transforms classrooms into modern labs and elevates teachers into the roles of enabler and facilitator.

We have also developed a team of educators that can deliver our curriculum directly to your students or who can train your teachers to deliver them.


A. Fully Equipped World Class Curriculum
✓ Not all Robotics Curriculum or materials are created equal.
Some are not designed to be used by multiple students and some do not have strong real-life connections. As such, we only use the following platforms: Lego Mindstorms EV3, Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

✓ The Programming languages taught include Robot C, C++ and Python because it is the most widely used around the world. In fact, every robotics competition for the past several years has been dominated by these languages.

✓ Optimal ratio is 1 kit: 3 students OR 1 kit: 2 students. This ratio ensures that there is no student left behind. Bigger student to kit ratios limit the hands-on experience of each student. When it is appropriate, each student has an active role namely: Engineer/Builder , Programmer and Researcher. They can switch roles on different projects and collaborate together for a more wholistic learning experience.

B. Fully Equipped World Class Curriculum
Real-life connections. Projects that include robotics models that help with “Disaster Preparedness or Building a Smart City”.
✓ Final projects are useful for their homes, school or community
✓ Students can join local and international competitions based on their entries

C. Built For Teachers By Teachers so Students Benefit
✓ Final projects are useful for their homes, school or community
✓ Real-time support throughout the semester through email, text and phone means we are available to answer their queries

D. Everything Teachers Need
✓ The curriculum per grade level is delivered fully unpacked, with all of the materials needed to deliver an active teaching experience. This includes: Instructors Manuals, Student workbook and Instructors Teaching Materials.

E. Robotics Lab Design Support
✓ If you choose to build a Robotics Lab in your school. We can work with you to construct new lab spaces or to upgrade existing spaces. Specifically, we assist with design, layout, and installation.

Summary of Inclusions:

1. Fully Developed Curriculum for Grade 7, 8, 9 and 10. This is a fully unpacked package of teaching materials that gives teachers a complete set of teaching tools.

2. Robotics Platforms: MINDSTORMS EV3 , Arduino, Raspberry Pi Educator Kits – Our ratio of 1 kit for every three students or 1 kit for every 2 students means everyone has hands on opportunities at every meeting.

3. Teacher Training: one week for each curriculum package, typically delivered during summer break. Each teacher that successfully completes this training will be certified by us as classroom ready to teach STEMWORKS Robotics.

4. Real-time Support: is provided via online chat throughout the school year. This is an unlimited service that is designed to support our certified teachers while they are actively involved in the STEM Robotics lab.

5. On-Site Support: is provided before the curriculum is implement and at various times during the school years to offer student and teacher support and to gain feedback from teachers on the best ways to expand and improve our curriculum.

Junior High

The Lego Mindstorms EV3 is one of the most popular robotics models in the world today
because it is sturdy, built for the classroom use and students can build almost anything when combine the different bricks.

Senior High

Arduino is an open source platform that is not only a versatile robotics program but an educational introduction to electronics. At the end of the curriculum, student’s projects include building models to help in disaster preparedness which is inline with the current DepEd STEM strands.