For All Grades

Our Short Programs are appropriate as an added classroom activity for Science week at various schools. It can also be conducted in cooperation with NGOs with the Intention of preserving our environment.


1 Session – 120 Minutes  ₱225 per student

Loving Our Coral is a program that highlights the need to preserve the Coral Reef. Our country is full of beautiful reefs but it is slowly dying as we continue to throw trash into our bodies of water. This program is a great way to learn about why we need the Coral Reef and how we can save it. Included in the program is the opportunity to build different sea creatures that move with Lego Robotics, slideshows, class discussions and a pledge paper.

1 Session – 120 Minutes

₱400 per student including material needed to make a robot

Do you even wonder what happens to our trash? This program highlights where does trash really go, how we can minimize pollution and why is it important to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle through visual presentations and a class discussion. Students also build their own Robot that spins and moves using Recycled Materials. They can take their Recycled Bots home to remind them to do their part in saving our Mother Earth.