Workshops for all ages

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This program is a great introduction to the world of programming and simple robotics.  It’s an adventure as you build exciting models such as a rocking boat, snapping alligator or twirling birds using LEGO.  After each model is built—program it to move in different ways you desire using sensors and motors.


Machine Inventor

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master Level

Ever wonder what makes work easier ? Then explore the world of simple machines. Learn to build your very own machines with wheels, axles, pulley, levers and gears. Problem solve given challenges by inventing the right machine for the job. Becoming an inventor becomes easier when you learn how mechanisms work!


Creator Class

Build different models such as a ferris wheel, crane and a draw bridge. This is an excellent  way to develop logic, sequencing and problem solving as your creations spin, twirl and mimic real-life machines. Learn to program your creations to move in a variety of ways with extra Lego elements such as sensor, wheels, and motors.

Creator Quests

After completing the Creator class—it’s time to take on new challenges. There are 12 exciting quests to undertake that make you think outside and inside the box. Each quest poses a different challenge and different rules and be ready for more surprises. Quests include making a marshmallow launcher and a burglar alarm system. The only way to succeed in the quests is to Imagine-Plan-Create and Improve!

Ultimate Quests

After completing the Creator Quest – comes a new set of challenges that pushes you to new boundaries.  This time use everyday materials such as a pencil to create a robot that writes or build a motorized fishing rod.  “Imagine-Plan-Create and Improve” is the only way to complete the ultimate quests.


Builder Class

Gain an understanding of structures and mechanisms as you experiment with motion, balance, distance, time and speed. Put your new skills and imagination to good use by building your own motorized mechanisms using Lego.  Make sure it’s structurally sound to withstand challenges!

Master Builder Class

Learn about pre-engineering as you build more complex structures with various mechanisms. Use pneumatics to build a robotic hand and elevate a scissor lift. Use a hand generator to make your creations move. There’s no limit to what you can build as a master builder.


Prime Mover Class

At the heart of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education Core Set is the EV3 brick. It is a powerful small computer that makes it possible to control motors and collect sensor feedback. This program is an introduction to building with Mindstorms EV3 and its numerous parts. Students choose what robotic structure to build and are guided accordingly.

Challenger Class

Blast into success with Science, Technology , Engineering ,Art and Math with Lego Mindstorms EV3 Challenger Class.  There are 7 missions and projects in this class that enables students to build, program, and test their solutions based on real-life   robotics technology.