Advantages of Saturday Workshops
✓ Set your own schedule
✓ Flexible Time
✓ Build at your own pace
✓ Exhibit Day Party

Schedule of Classes
9:00–10:15 am
10:30–11:45 am
1:30–4:30 pm

Lego Robotics Programs

Robo Animals 4 – 6 yrs. old
Do you love animals? In this program, learn fun facts about different animals, do some fun at work and watch your robotic lego animals come to life.

Robo Celebrations 4 – 6 yrs. old
Celebrate the different holidays around the world through robotics and art. Build an amazing project for popular monthly holidays and learn about their origin and significance. Robotics never felt so festive!

Robofun 4 – 6 yrs. old
There’s something magical about putting LEGO bricks in children’s hands. It awakens and opens their imagination. This program takes it a step further by giving them opportunities to make their creations come to life through simple robotics.

Robogames 4 – 6 yrs. old
Create games for single or two players that bring smiles to young builders.

Explorer Class 6-8 yrs old
This program is a great introduction to the world of programming and simple robotics. It’s an adventure as you build exciting models such as a rocking boat, snapping alligator or twirling birds using LEGO sensors and motors.

Creator Class 7 yrs old and above
Build different models such as a ferris wheel, crane and a draw bridge. This is an excellent way to develop logic, sequencing and problem solving as your creations spin, twirl and mimic real-life machines.

Moving Mechanism 7 yrs old and above
Unlock the secret of gears, wheels, axles and specialized motors and all your creations move!

Creator Quests 7 yrs old and above
Quests include making a marshmallow launcher and a burglar alarm system. The only way to succeed in the quests is to Imagine-Plan-Create and Improve!

Ultimate Quest 7 yrs old and above
This is the final series after completing Creator Quest. Prepare for more complex challenges and additional Lego parts such as lights and multiple motors. It’s a series of challenges that will push through the boundaries of critical thinking and creativity!

Game Builder 8 yrs old and above
Create complex games and score using Lego technic bricks and motors. To successfully complete this program, you must learn to strategize and show good sportsmanship. Good luck!

Riley Rover 10 yrs old and above
Want to learn the basics ? This program focuses on navigating using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 and gradually incorporating programming concepts on how to make your robot move forward, backwards, in circles etc.. It also incorporates how to use your sensors (touch, gyro, motion etc…) so you can navigate through a challenging maze.