Compass Education

Where Children Learn to Think & Think to Learn

In a kitchen table in Lahug, Cebu City, Educators, and Advocates for Children got together to find ways to develop the next generation of innovators. The idea was that children are naturally intelligent but they need avenues to unleash their creative genius.  STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering. Art and Math)  was the obvious solution –as our children are digital natives. STEAM would not only get them tech savvy but build important skills such as creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

On a hot day in March 2015, the Compass Education Summer Programs was launched in two schools. Its aim was to provide the most fun and interactive summer science and technology camp for children.   When summer was over, parents and students requested more— thus; STEAM Afterschool and Saturday programs were born.  Then came the STEM revolution where educational institutions including the Department of Education were recognizing the inherent value of STEM education—so Compass provided STEM classes for various schools as part of their curriculum.

Fast forward two years and two robotics cups later, Compass Education has served more than three thousand students from 12 different schools with varied programs. Robotics is the most popular STEM program but other programs such as coding, programming, renewable energy, science investigations, and experiments are also gaining traction.

As Compass Education continues to grow and expand minds –they continually challenge our youth to explore and create solutions that honor our planet and every living being on it.  Good STEM + Awesome Students = A Brilliant Future!

Where there’s STEAM there is a BRIGHT FUTURE

Tapping into the genius within

Every good parent and educator has asked these questions

“How do we prepare our children for a successful future?” “What is relevant and meaningful education?” “How is technology shaping the landscape of our children’s’ lives?”

No one has all the answers but we do have intelligent theories.

Here’s what we know for sure :

We know that children are naturally curious and it’s our job to keep them inspired to learn – not stressed to memorize data.

We know that technology plays a huge role in the lives of our students now and more so in future.

We know that it’s important to ”learn to think” and “think to learn”.

We realize that providing facts and theories is not as powerful as providing children with tools on how to use them.

We know a “hands-on-approach” to learning is an awesome way to build skills.

We believe that we can’t all be measured by IQ because there are too many kinds of intelligence – and yes – that includes sports.

We know that being educated is second best to possessing good character.

We know that not all failures set us back, some propel us forward.

We know that talent without discipline will never be enough.

Yes, we believe in a lot of things but most of all we believe in harnessing the genius in every child. If we do nothing, we do a disservice to our children and parents who entrust us to provide meaningful and relevant education. The quest for 21st-century learning begins today.

Our STEAM Team

Ana Mariolla Martinez-Quijano


Teacher Ana believes in the genius of every child. She dedicated her life to education has been working in this field for the past 20 years. She stumbled upon STEM education while looking for avenues where her high functioning autistic students could improve their visual motor and fine motor skills.

Merinjoni L. Martinez

External Affairs Administrator

Teacher Joni believes that children are inherently smart so we need to give them the right tools to reach their full potential. With many technological gadgets and media presentations that are competing for our children’s attention, it’s our duty to guide them accordingly.