Pre-school and Play Group

Each day is filled with Pretend Play , Songs , Dance , Art , Experiments and Skill Building Activities

Posted by RoboTech Univercity on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

If you believe that childhood is a magical time where children should be encouraged to shine, then, Compass Education shares your belief. When children shine and love coming to school–they will love learning– when they love learning–they will be life-long learners.

Toddler Program (2-3½ years old)

This program full of story telling, arts, crafts and other learning activities that are developmentally appropriate for children.

Multi-Age Class (2-4 years old)

Because it is a mixed age class, each child has many opportunities to socialize and develop a range of other skills.

Kinder Readiness Program (3½-4 years old)

This program gets young children ready for kindergarten through a play based hands-on learning approach.

Skill Building Class (2-5 years old)

The goal of this program is to provide an appropriate educational experience through thoughtful skill building, self-regulation, communication and play.

Reading Program (Level A, B, C, D, E)

This reading program is a stress-free approach to reading. It combines games, art, writing and play which makes learning how to read a fun and engaging activity.

Handwriting Without Tears Program

The HWOT program is a multi-awarded American program that develops legible handwriting using a multi-sensory approach such as forming letters through playdough, building letters through wooden sticks and singing catchy songs.