Compass Education delivers STEM / STEAM education to students as part of  the new mandated Department of Education k-12 curriculum involving STEM education.

We also provide various home school, after school and tutorial programs that are also built upon the same STEM / STEAM curriculum.

All of our programs are age appropriate, hands-on and make use of innovative learning materials that enhance critical and creative skills at all education levels.

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This program provides an opportunity for students to experiment with various modalities the physical world (Physics and Engineering) as well as energy transfer, energy conversion and energy consumption. They will build models that utilize mechanical, solar, wind and water power and test their functionality.  This enables students to learn the basics of renewable energy and learn the advantages and disadvantages of producing energy from natural sources.

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In School Programs

Compass Education is inviting homeschoolers every Thursday morning and whole day Friday  to experience the magic of STEM/STEAM education at the Compass Education Center.  The following programs can enhance the Science curriculum as well as foster creativity and critical thinking.

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In home Programs

Compass Education provides after school programs for students, in their respective schools, to enhance their STEM  / STEAM skills. These programs are designed for students starting with preschool through grade 12 with age appropriate materials provided.

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After School Programs

Short Educational Programs can be accomplished in a few hours but have a great impact on teaching students about being good stewards of God’s creation.  These programs involve hands-on learning as they build and explore the different subjects highlighted.  Students leave the program empowered that they too can positively impact our planet.

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Short Programs

A wide range of programs are offered on Saturdays from now through March, 2017, for students aged 6 and above.  Students set their own schedules.  One program can be accomplished in 6 Saturdays or 10 sessions.

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Saturday Workshops