STEAM is an acronym for (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). Our world today is shaped by science and technology. Our children live in a world where information in abundant and easy to access. STEAM education allows them to be an active participant in accessing technology as both a producer and consumer. These are tools that help them navigate in today and tomorrow’s world.

Compass Education  is a non-profit organization solely dedicated to bringing positive STEAM experiences to students as well as educators. Our programs are designed by international educators not only to impart “lessons” or “information”. We are more focused on “process” meaning— our hands-on-approach gets  children practicing 21st century skills such as problem solving, creative thinking and  collaborative thinking.

We have a number of children with special needs such as Autism participate in our classes. However, we want to make sure that he/she can be successful in our programs. Please call us ahead of time to discuss accomodations needed to meet his/her needs.

You can enroll your child at  Compass Education. It is located at Unit 7 Nouvelle Plaza E. Benedicto St. Cebu City. The nearby landmarks are Sacred Heart Church, Dewfoam, No. 9 restaurant and Spianada Condominium.  Please make a phone or text reservation at (032) 319-0640 or (0917-629-4942 or (0923) 660-0695  to ensure that your child has a slot. Maximum number of students per class is 12.


Call: (032) 319-064

Call or text: (0917) 629-4942, (0923) 660-0695

None of the classes have more than 12 students. That’s our commitment our student’s well-being.   We also have 2-3 instructors per class to ensure optimal learning

If your child is enrolled in a Lego Robotics Class, he can make it up the following Saturday.  He can even choose his own morning or afternoon class.

However, if your child is enrolled in a Pre-school program such as Young Scientist  with a set schedule them make-ups may not be possible.

We want all children to grow to love STEAM and will gladly provide private lessons. However, scheduling lessons depends on availability of instructors etc.. Please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs

Because we focus on 21st century skills which includes “positive collaboration”, students also work in pairs or in small groups to complete various projects. Cooperation, teamwork and conflict resolution are constantly stressed, modeled and taught. As a result, students usually make new friends and learn to work as a responsible team member.

We can certainly help you get a kit. However, it would be wise to let your child decide if he wants a kit after he/she tries out the program. That way you can be assured that he/she is truly interested and would like to pursue self-study and take it to the next level.  Otherwise, pre-purchased kits just gather dust on the shelf.

We understand that children  may need to skip a Saturday class. If he is enrolled in Lego Robotics, he can choose this own morning or afternoon class. He can go at his own pace and finish the module at his own time and capacity.  Morning Classes are usually start at 9:00  am and afternoon classes start at 1:00 pm.

Yes. The list of programs are on the homeschool tab. We usually reserve Fridays for homeschoolers. If you need the instructor to grade your child based on your homeschool program please provide the rubrics or grading sheets.