C. Introduction to Robotics and Programming

Grade: 1- 2
Age: 7-8 yrs. old
Description: This program focuses on robotics and programming. Here, students use working sensors, motors and gears to create desired models. Programming allows them to think logically and create movement using the sensors as variables.

D. Intermediate Level Robotics and Programming

Grade: 2-3
Age: 8-10 yrs. old
Description: Students are encouraged to use Bluetooth technology to create wireless robotic models. The key topics and projects in this unit covers physical, life, earth and space sciences.

E. Constructive Robotics and Motorized Mechanisms

Grade: 4-5
Age: 9-11 yrs. old
Description: Students investigate the physical world, Newton’s laws of motion and many other science and math concepts. Through the different building experiments, students also gain an understanding of balanced and unbalanced forces, friction, distance, time, speed, and weight.

F. Applied Sciences and Renewal Energy

Grade: 5-6
Age: 11-13 yrs. old
Description: This program provides an opportunity for students to experiment with various modalities such as solar panels and to experience energy transfer, energy conversion and energy consumption.

G. Advanced Level 1 Robotics

Grade: 6-7
Age: 12-13 yrs. old
Description: This program uses the Lego Mindstorms EV3 as a platform for learning earth and space dynamics. This program consists of Challenge Missions which explore our planet and even life on Mars. This program is complementary to Dep Ed Grade 11 STEM STRAND (Earth Science).

(Compass Education comes to the school campus to deliver in school STEM classes)