Teacher Joni graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing. However, life had another calling in mind for her. When asked to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), she was hesitant at first but found it very interesting. Since, she loved science, technology, and children, it was an easy transition. She is currently the Administrator for external affairs at Compass Education but continues to work directly with the students as a classroom  STEM instructor. She specializes in simple do-it-yourself robotics project as well as the Lego Mindstorms EV3.

She believes that children are inherently smart so we need to give them the right tools to reach their full potential. With many technological gadgets and media presentations that are competing for our children’s attention, it’s our duty to guide them accordingly. We need to encourage them to be creators and not just consumers. She envisions a future where students, positively impact our planet because they learned to harness the power of their heart and mind.

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